Save money, be happy

Quber took the age old concept of saving jars and made them digital. Quber lets you create saving goals, automatically direct money into the jars, while at the same time helping you reduce spend on things you don’t really need.


Save effortlessly.

You choose what you want to save for and let us take care of making sure you can reach your goals by the time you want, at the best price.


Your info is safe.

Quber uses 128-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, and the highest level of bank-tight security - your info is not going anywhere.


Anywhere, anytime.

Accept challenges and let the fun begin. Watch your saving jars fill up for things that really matter to you

For Financial Institutions

Drive customer engagement, unlock new opportunities. License our product. Contact us and we will be happy to show how we can help.

For Retailers

Drive customer loyalty and deeper engagement. Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.